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Become one of My *SNAP!* programmed mindless drones! JUST CREATED!! *SNAP!* Hypno BRAINWASH Loop

"Snap! Jolt and you have to click. Love the idea and the recording. You will NOT be able to resist. ?t is a reflex. SNAP! CLICK! You are now programmed for life." - DRONE MICKEY My *SNAP!* programmed DRONE for life!

"Pure magic. Pure Joy. i splay All my Worth at Your Porcelain toes and Splendid feet, With every Snap, inhale Nirvana." - My DOLLY DEAREST Sweet Stephie *SNAP!* programmed eagerly jumping to PILE a MOUNTAIN of CASH at My Perfect Feet with every SNAP of My Pretty Little Fingers!

Goodie Goodie Gumdrop ~> JUST CREATED!! *SNAP!* Hypno BRAINWASH Loop  Post-Hypnotic Trigger mp3!!

By the time this loop session ends you will have no choice but to obey My SNAP!

When I snap I set My trap!

In this hypno BRAINWASH Loop Session My *SNAP* trigger will be embedded in your bbrainn. By the time this loop session ends you will have no choice but to obey whenever you hear My pretty little fingers SNAP or even see Me type the trigger word!

Once My SNAP post-hypnotic trigger is installed in your bbrainn your mind will SNAP as you are mindlessly helpless to My luxurious findom hypno trap!

Laced with subliminals and binaural beats, listen at your own risk! Don't say I didn't warn you, listen now.

Just Created! *PAVLOVIAN TRIPLE RING TRIGGER* ~ Hypno Programming Pavlovian Conditioning NLP TRIGGER

In My PAVLOVIAN TRIPLE RING TRIGGER mp3 I will be installing My Triple Ring Program in your head. This mp3 exploits your WEAKNESS for My PAVLOVIAN BELL! My Pretty Pink Jeweled Bell WILL control your helpless mind.

This Pavlovian Hypno Trigger will activate My Triple Ring Program, converting you into My salivating Pavlovian trained bell activated mindless drone! Omg GOOD BOY ULTIMATE REWARD SENSATION WILL BE INITIATED at the completion of My PAVLOVIAN BELL TRIPLE RING!

Jump through rings at the ringing of My Triple Ring!


Hey sweeties and bitches~

So I already announced the revamp of my NiteFlirt site. If you haven't checked it out yet, click the pink image below and take a stroll on through!

The other BIGGER news is that I created a BRAND NEW site with another payment processor! You can click the lavender image below to check it out now, or read on for more of the story behind it, first. I like to give options for all types of attention spans. We do not discriminate here at Lipstickdomme.com, and we care about your comfort.

Still reading? Cool! I like you better than the other kind, who stopped reading. Although it's alright if they were just eager to get to the site and spend, in order to return later and read the rest.

So I have been working on the new site, GoddessWorship.net, for a month straight. Like, day in and day out. I had to teach myself stuff I didn't know yet. You know how technology changes, so you learn something- -like how to make websites- -and then you have to learn it all over again ten years later. Or sooner.

My new payment processing is through a trusted company that I've heard many good things about. And the extra super thing about them is that they take a cut of less than 10% from each sale, whereas the adult content sites I am accustomed to using take anywhere from 30-50%.

The new site is loaded with fun features and goodies- I wanted to make it interactive and exciting to visit. I also plan to update it regularly with new posts and features. I will be posting there above all other sites, so bookmark the site and sign up for my newsletter.

I added an option to the product pages to purchase through NiteFlirt, but the BUY NOW buttons will lead you to purchase through the new company. The only thing left remaining before the look of the site is complete is customizing my cart pages to match the rest of the site, which will be done some time next week. Otherwise, all systems are go! I have already accepted tributes from good boys through the site and everything tested out perfectly- so you may start shopping at any time.

I had originally planned to release my newest Femdom hypnosis audio, Goddess Worship Doctrine, right along with the release of GoddessWorship.net. I am sure you can detect the common theme, and even the colors of the respective designs. But I became impatient, and ended up releasing the MP3 first. Well- if you wish to think and behave correctly, you ought to buy/listen to the file, in between checking out the new site. It's just really the way to do it, I promise.

Finally, I would like to share my most recent manicures, which I wanted to match the colors of my websites. A couple weeks ago I got a mani/pedi to match the Goddess Worship site, and yesterday got a manicure to match my NiteFlirt site:

Like, is that not the cutest thing, for me to do? And it demonstrates how much these sites mean to me, and all the work I put in- to have it symbolically painted on my body. Which is something that makes you really want to show your appreciation for a Goddess who puts such time, effort, and care into her online presence- so that slaves, subbies, and admirers can more fully enjoy their experience.

Okay, done talking. Get to using the sites, now.

Multiple kissies,

Goddess Lycia

"Goddess Worship Doctrine" Hypno MP3

Goddess Worship Doctrine

This Femdom hypnosis audio file is for my online slaves and submissives, and those who want to be. You need some clarification about how to serve me properly- I understand. I take you into a nice, suggestible place where my information can be deeply embedded in your subconscious, making it easier to fulfill your duty and moral obligation to Goddess Lycia.

While you are entranced, I instill My Rules as an Online Domme- what you are expected to do in order to please me. When you are behaving correctly, you will feel wonderful, euphoric sensations. If you engage in unwanted behaviors, you will feel a strong sense of guilt and shame, which will prevent you from doing the same again.

Poor sweeties- you’ve been confused. All this erotic material and writing in all these different places- what’s a subbie to do? Here’s your long-awaited and desperately needed solution. Listen, and your True Path will be illuminated.

Includes: femdom hypnosis, goddess worship, slave training, financial servitude

32 minutes for $34.99

Listen to sample HERE

Purchase through:
NiteFlirt - iWantClips

"Edge to This" Fetish Clip

"Edge to This" Fetish Clip

This brainwashing video includes visual and audio subliminals, which encourage you to edge your horny penis without cumming. It is intended to be looped over and over as you tease yourself to the brink of orgasm multiple times, while always keeping your cummies held back, so that you do not lose the euphoric sensation of being right at your most heightened point of arousal.

6 minutes for $9.99

Includes: brainwashing, edging fetish, feather tease, cock tease, tease and denial, orgasm denial, moaning, kissies, bare feet, goddess worship, sensual domination, mock sympathy

Purchase through:

Niteflirt - iWantClips - Clips4Sale


"Diddlefreak Asylum" Humiliation MP3

Diddlefreak Asylum

Welcome to Diddlefreak Asylum. You have been admitted to this institution because you are a perverted weirdo. You are addicted to porn, and you play with your genitals all the time. You are obviously a sexually abnormal person, and need to be forcibly committed to a private, locked and closed residential treatment facility for incurable compulsive masturbators.

At the Asylum, you will be subjected to an intense, psychologically-invasive brainwashing program, which will include daily, prolonged sessions of tease and denial, erotic humiliation, demasculinization, and mind-fucking.

Because you are such a pervert that you have been forcibly admitted, you are unable to leave the Asylum until the doctors and nurses agree that you are permanently incapable of being a diddlefreak pervert ever again. Of course, we will never agree that you are "fixed," because our real purpose is to just make everything worse. And you won't want to leave, even if we were to grant you release. You will not know how to live in the real world ever again; the Diddlefreak Asylum is your new life.

Includes: hypno-programming, intense humiliation, complete orgasm control, orgasm denial, tease and denial, mind-fucking, behavior modification, being institutionalized, being monitored, twisted psychotherapy, bondage, helplessness, degrading punishments, psychosexual experimentation, forced bi, objectification, financial domination, sci-fi elements. 30 mins. for $34.99

Listen to sample HERE.

Purchase through:

Goddess Worship - NiteFlirt

"Thought Obliteration" Brainwashing MP3

Thought Obliteration

Has your mind been in overdrive, lately? Are there a bunch of thoughts going on in your head like way too often? Wouldn't it be nice to clear all that brainfunk completely the fuck out? Yes, sweetie, it would be DIVINE to get rid of that irritating jumble of congested, cognitive freeways that keeps my poor sweetie from relaxing.

In this brainwashing audio file, I will clear out your mind and turn you into a peaceful dumb-dumb. It's okay, you can be smart again another time. But for your own good, you must use this brainwashing file at least once per week, in order to have your thoughts obliterated. After each listen, you will feel reset, rejuvenated, and revitalized.

Of course, because this is a Goddess Lycia file, I'll also make you very horny and desperate to cum.

Includes: femdom brainwashing, thought reduction, thought obliteration, making you temporarily dumb, hypnotic control, mind control, increased sexual arousal, addiction to this file, enslavement to Goddess Lycia, light humiliation, tease and denial. 27 mins. for $29.99

Listen to sample HERE.

Purchase through:

Goddess Worship - NiteFlirt


Goddess Lycia

*EYE, HYPNOTIZE* (Hypno Femme Fatale INDUCTION Video Love Spell)

Click play above to watch a teensy teaser of EYE, HYPNOTIZE~

Like a Pop Art Disney Princess, I look so pretty and innocent and yet I am SO DANGEROUS for you!!!!


I am an ENIGMA and you are ENCHANTED, ENTRANCED and ENTHRALLED with the charming PARADOX of MY BEAUTY and DANGER~

Click BUY NOW & watch on your KNEES. INDULGE in My Hypnotic Femme Fatale LOVE SPELL.... I WILL use it to get what I want out of you.. and you won't be able to resist

Buy from DIAMOND DIVA PRINCESS through Niteflirt.com

"Drips" Lipstick Fetish Video

Hello all! this not a Femdom hypnosis file, per se, but it is hypnotic, and includes triggers I've put in "Constant Diddling Syndrome." Please enjoy~


Goddess Lycia

"Drips" Lipstick Fetish Video

Spur of the moment lipstick and liploss fetish clip, including drips.

I was basically sitting here feeling sexually aroused, and decided to utilize my sexual energy into showing you how I apply lipstick and lipgloss in an erotic manner. Very little talking, mostly just sensual lipstick and lipgloss application and showing off my cockpillo... I mean lips.

6:30 minutes

Includes: lipstick fetish, lipgloss fetish, blonde fetish, goddess worship

Purchase through:

Niteflirt or Clips4Sale

"Virginity Reset" Hypno MP3

Virginity Reset

This Femdom hypnosis file will reset your virginity, so that all you know about sex is what you learn from Goddess Lycia.

I understand, sweetie, that you need to be removed from the burden of manhood. You need to be shown your true purpose, which is service to me and all women. Being a benevolent Goddess, I wish to help. After guiding you into into a deep sleep, I will peer into your subconscious mind and remove any memory of ever being intimate with a woman. This includes all instances of regular sex, receiving blowjobs, licking pussy, or even touching a boob. Those are things men do, and they are not for little virgin boys. The only sexual experiences virgin boys can remember are experiences where they submitted to dominant women, paid a woman in order to cum, or got rejected by a woman. Those memories reinforce your desire to stay a virgin.

Once your regular sexual experiences have been eliminated, you are once again a virgin. As a virgin boy, you must learn about your sexuality from me, as it is entirely mine to define. I will teach you to think and behave correctly as a virgin boy, which includes teachings on celibacy, chastity, virtue, subservience to women, focus and emphasis on particular fetishes, and Goddess worship.

Includes: femdom hypnosis, brainwashing, mind control, chastity, enslavement, female superiority, goddess worship. 26 mins. for $29.99

Listen to sample HERE.

Purchase through:


"Constant Diddling Syndrome" Hypnosis MP3

Constant Diddling Syndrome

This is a Femdom hypnosis audio session that will turn you into a compulsive masturbating pervert, who is also humiliated about the fact that he’s a compulsive masturbator. Your life, from now on, will revolve around your need to play with your genitals as often as possible. When you are in public, you’ll have to find nooks and crannies to secretly diddle in. It doesn’t even matter if you cum or not, you just have to be fondling yourself as often as possible, because that’s that best feeling in the world. You will choose masturbating over any other possible activity, which will turn you more into a perverted weirdo who can never escape his addiction. Haha, sweetie; you’re going to buy this and it’s going to WORK. Welcome to CONSTANT DIDDLING, LOL.

Note: This is an excellent companion file for "Compulsory Cum Tax!"

Includes: femdom hypnosis, brainwashing, mind control, compulsive masturbation, humiliation. 25 mins. for $29.99

Listen to sample HERE.

Purchase through:


Goddess Lycia

"Compulsory Cum Tax" Hypnosis MP3

Compulsory Cum Tax

This Femdom hypnosis session was requested from an admirer a while back. He said, "I love the idea of having a cum tax but also being forced to do things that make will make me super aroused and much more likely to give in."

You should absolutely pay me in order to cum, I believe this. So many of you have been diddling for years and spurting whenever you want, without any supervision or rules to abide by. It's been a big mess, I'm sure. And I'm sure it's been difficult to control, which is why I'm here to brainwash you into needing to pay ME in order to cum, each and every time.

If you pay me only a little, you will be able to orgasm, but it will feel like a ruined orgasm and you will still feel very horny and needy. The more you pay, the better your orgasms will be. And I will make sure that you are as horny as possible, as often as possible, mostly because I am an emotional sadist, but also because I want you to NEED to pay me in order to release. If you don't pay me at all... sorry but it will be impossible to get relief. You'll just walk around being a desperately horny, cum-denied freak.


Includes: femdom hypnosis, brainwashing, mind control, financial domination, money slavery, orgasm control, increased arousal. 25 minutes for $29.99

Listen to sample HERE.

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Lucky boys you are!

Many have been indulging in my Pay Piggy Drain Game

Some even risking sooo much with my Blackmail Interrogation forms

I also added something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time, A Guide on how best to SERVE GODDESS!

Also added was 14 separate photo worship ptv drains.

Each set starts with 1 photo, the further you fall, the more photos you gain access too.

For those truly addicted and aching to serve, all you need to begin your path into MY Devonited stable!

Call me on Niteflirt
Surrender via Niteflirt

Goddess is also available by calling directly at 1-855-MZDEVON

If you haven’t added my public twitter yet… Let’s fix that – Follow Mz Devon on Twitter

Devotional Musings - Slave Blogs and Podcasts

"Bimbofication Brainwashing" MP3

Bimbofication Brainwashing

This is a brainwashing file that will turn you more and more into a female bimbo in real life. Certain bimbo mantras will go on in your head throughout the day, keeping you focused on your bimbo tasks. As a lifestyle bimbo, you must be committed to your physical appearance and to pleasing men. You basically exist to make people horny and satisfy their sexual desires. You just need to be dumb, horny, and hot; it’s so simple and so arousing! If you want to look and think like a sexy female bimbo slut, transforming more and more fully every day, then this bimbo brainwashing file is for you. Note: This file has no induction, and is perfect for looping.

Includes: bimbo training, bimbo brainwashing, bimbofication, bimboization, bimbo transformation, bimbo fetish, bimbo mind control, feminization, horny slut humiliation. 17:10 mins. for $19.99

Listen to sample HERE.

Purchase through:



The Blonde Rinsers Global Domination Campaign - Mission 3


financial blondes

TIME TO GET EXCITED, BOYZ! Actively Serve! Follow and Obey!

Here are the rules for the newest Global Domination Campaign for THE Blonde Rinsers!

  1. Buy some stickers or a t-shirt featuring the legendary blonde findommes, Goddess Lycia and Capitalistic Blonde. The stickers and shirts are for sale at our Cafe Press shop > http://www.cafepress.com/theblonderinsers

  2. Either wear the shirt in public and take a pic, or stick a sticker somewhere public and take a pic of where you put it

  3. Send your pics to financialblondes@gmail.com

Serving us by spreading the word is a reward for you in and of itself. However, if you PLEASE us, you will have your pic posted on a NEW page at our website, blonderinsers.com. How cool would it be to see your service to us acknowledged at our domain! Just thinking about it gets you buzzing!

Additionally, there will be an EXTRA reward for three lucky campaign participants. There will be rewards for:

  1. Most daring/potentially lucrative place to put our sticker

  2. The most unique place to put our sticker

  3. For pics of you wearing our t-shirt, there will be a random draw

There is SO MUCH OPPORTUNITY HERE FOR ALL OF US. The Universe is Expanding With Possibility!

This campaign will probably run more than once, but the first run of it starts RIGHT NOW, on 4/18/16 and will go for FIVE WEEKS (ending 5/25/16). So you need to order your stuff NOW and complete the task if you wish to PLEASE us and potentially be rewarded for being a good worker bee for Les Blondes Fatales!

This challenge is already causing your adrenaline levels to rise; you definitely want to take part in our Global Domination Programs at all times!



"Wet Dream" Hypnosis MP3

Wet Dream

Do you find the sound of rain to be relaxing? During this erotic hypnosis session, Goddess Lycia will enchant and entrance you during a soothing, sensual rainstorm, and cause you to fall asleep for the night. While you are asleep, you will also have a wet dream (a sexual dream which will cause you to actually ejaculate in your sleep).

The contents of your wet dream will be based on your personal fantasies, desires, fetishes, and turn-ons, so you can’t go wrong! You can fall asleep easily and have an amazing wet dream that revolves around your fetishes each time you listen to this erotic hypnosis file.

Includes: erotic hypnosis, sleep hypnosis, wet dream hypnosis. 32:46 mins. for $34.99

Listen to sample HERE.

Purchase through:



"Horny Bimbo Hypno" MP3

Horny Bimbo Hypno

This is an erotic hypnosis audio file that will turn you into a horny female bimbo for the duration of this session. Your body will be transformed into that of a bimbo Barbie, with large, fake breasts and blonde hair. While you are in bimbo mode, you will be very blank, very sexually aroused, and extremely suggestible. You will feel euphoric; high like you are on a drug, because you will be so completely and blissfully dumb. All you will know is the horniness I bring to you, and your need to obey everything I say. Your free will is taken away, and you become a mindless masturbator who desperately needs to cum, but who requires my permission in order to do so. This file will addict you to the feeling of being bimbofied, and you will need to loop bimbo hypnosis files over and over again whenever you want to feel the same euphoric high.

Includes: bimbo hypnosis, bimbofication hypnosis, bimboization, bimbo transformation, bimbo fetish, bimbo mind control, blonde bimbo, breast expansion, femdom hypnosis, erotic hypnosis, feminization hypnosis, horny slut humiliation, tease and denial. 27:42 mins. for $34.99

Listen to sample HERE.

Purchase through:




Blank, Horny, and Humiliated

This is a brainwashing video that will make you Blank, Horny, and Humiliated. You will be triggered into masturbating as you stare at my hypnotic lips. I put in LOTS of visual and audio subliminals, so they will go right past your conscious mind and comfortably settle into your innermost workings. Basically, this video is a visual and audio mind control and brainwashing masterpiece that will addict and enslave you to its control.

Includes: lipstick fetish, breast fetish, mind control, brainwashing, humiliation, hypno-robo, enslavement, forced masturbation, forced exhibitionism, compulsive masturbation, tease and denial, orgasm denial, being dumbed down, being laughed at

17 minutes for $24.99

Purchase through:


A Devotional Musing

Today I had the most INVIGORATING Niteflirt session. This type of submission in a man is full on UNICORN level.

Only a few hrs have passed since our conversation and his first assignment has just been posted via DevotionalMusings.com.

Here is a snippet -

The Goddess Mz Devon noticed a new boy reading her mass message, so she sent me a private one, telling me to introduce myself. I wrote her back, briefly explaining my situation, and we sent a few more messages before I built up the courage to call her. What followed was over an hour and a half of talking back and forth, and I was in submissive heaven the entire time. I still am in a state of utter bliss as I think back to our conversation. From the start, I could hear the Goddess Mz Devon’s womanly beauty and wisdom just by the way she presented herself on the line. Mz Devon is an incredibly professional woman, and she could tell by the nervous tension in my voice that I was very new to all of this. She began by getting to know me, and her natural charisma and friendliness made me feel more at ease. A minute in, I already felt like I made the right decision contacting her. Two minutes in, Mz Devon called me out on how quickly I had fallen under her spell. Five minutes in, I knew I wasn’t getting off the phone any time soon.

To read the entirety of his post you may do so by clicking the banner below. Goddess is very pleased with her new toy. Very pleased.

Call me on Niteflirt
Surrender via Niteflirt

Goddess is also available by calling directly at 1-855-MZDEVON

If you haven’t added my public twitter yet… Let’s fix that – Follow Mz Devon on Twitter

Devotional Musings - Slave Blogs and Podcasts

WANTList refilled!

So many random things at random prices for all random losers to BUY!

Bookmark it :


After gifts has been purchased, you may humbly contact ME here :


Also, make sure to surrender your e-mail via MY Devonited Newsletter :

Call me on Niteflirt
Surrender via Niteflirt

Goddess is also available by calling directly at 1-855-MZDEVON

If you haven’t added my public twitter yet… Let’s fix that – Follow Mz Devon on Twitter

Devotional Musings - Slave Blogs and Podcasts

"Sublime Seduction, Cruel Control" MP3

Sublime Seduction, Cruel Control

Get ready for your mind and genitals to buzz like never before! This is a highly interactive audio session in which I seduce you every step of the way. The focus will be on a combination of tease and denial and financial domination, so I recommend having your credit card(s) ready, and a very horny penis which hasn’t released in a long time. It is important for you to be as horny as possible and have lots of money to spend for the most intensely tormenting and gratifying experience possible. You will also need to have access to the internet and your Niteflirt account as you listen to this session.

For this session, I summon all my seductive Goddess energy to play with your mind in body in a multitude of ways. Without even knowing it, you will be taken into a trance state, and you will be given instructions on what to view online and how to touch yourself. I will make your crush on me blossom, and cause your craving to obey me become stronger and stronger as I mess with your cute little mind. I will turn you on so much, but will also make you so weak that you know it will be impossible to orgasm without my permission.

You will ultimately find yourself obeying my every command in a lovestruck daze, playing with yourself and handing over more money to me in hopes of being permitted to release. Maybe if you do everything just as I order, you will experience a mind-blowing orgasm unlike any you’ve had before. Or maybe I will leave you denied no matter what, your ballzies blue and aching, and your wallet and bank accounts empty. Regardless of the outcome, you will be head-over-heels for the blonde Goddess who has seduced you beyond your wildest dreams.

Includes: erotic mind control, tease and denial, edging, financial domination, money slavery, love and addiction, light humiliation. 55:47 mins. for $49.99

Listen to sample HERE.

Purchase through:


"Pink Bracelet Dollification" MP3

Pink Bracelet Dollification

This Femdom hypnosis file will condition you to become a mindless doll whenever you wear both panties and a pink bracelet. You will be programmed so that you must put on your panties and pink bracelet whenever I command you to, and immediately upon doing so, you become an actual doll, just a plaything to be commanded around. I can dress you up, strip you down, put you in any sort of position. You will also always be very acutely aware of what is happening, even though you have no control over it. It will turn you on to be triggered into a state where you are suggestible and unable to resist, trapped in your body and very self-aware as you are commanded to obey.

I play with you as my doll within this session, yet you will also be triggered outside the session. You should be wearing your panties and pink bracelet whenever you listen to this file for a more intense experience.

Includes: erotic hypnosis, femdom hypnosis, dollification, feminization, mind control. 24:07 mins. for $24.99

Listen to sample HERE.

Purchase through:


"Slave Tax Triggers" MP3

Slave Tax Triggers

It’s definitely about time for a MONEY SLAVE BRAINWASHING session. This session will brainwash you into needing to pay me a certain amount in “taxes” every time you misbehave. Hey, if you are going to be a half-assed slave, I’d better be making money off it, right? You will have to listen to the recording to find out which behaviors will cost you what. After all, being trained properly is part of what you are paying for. Enjoy, bitches.

Includes: erotic hypnosis, femdom hypnosis, brainwashing, financial domination, human atm, orgasm control, slave training. 24:06 mins. for $24.99

Listen to sample HERE.

Purchase through:


"Hypno Blackmail Training" MP3

Hypno Blackmail Training

This Femdom hypnosis session will ultimately cause you to be fully enslaved to me through blackmail. It will train you to readily give up information to me that can be used for blackmail, and once you have completely bared everything to me, you will have achieved the amazing feeling of total ownership and humiliation. The feeling of degradation will be overwhelming and permanent. I will be the only person who arouses you, because I will be the only person with this immense level of blackmail information about you.

You will also be conditioned so that every time you listen to this hypnosis session, you will need to give up two pieces of information. One will be a secret, something that you feel is embarrassing or shameful; something you don’t want any person in your life to find out about. Suggestions could be things like masturbation habits, things you’ve put in your ass, your interaction with Pro Dommes and Phone Dommes, wearing lingerie, being in chastity, fantasizing about women in your life, and sexual encounters with other men. Over time, the confessions will be more humiliating, and include photographs and videos of your confessions.

Each time you reveal a humiliating secret, you must also give up a piece of your normal life, such as where you work and the name of your boss, the name and e-mail of your wife or girlfriend, and basically any and all information about how I can contact the people who you would be most fearful of me exposing you to. For example, you admit that you have bought dirty panties from online Dommes so you could smell them while you masturbate, and you also reveal the name and email of your wife’s best friend. When both are sent together the shame will be intense.

You will be taught to be greatly aroused by the humiliation of sending the information, the knowledge that I know this information about you, the fact that I will torment you by reminding you that I have this information, and that I can force you at any time to perform for me. I will demonstrate my complete control over you. By knowing so much information about you, I will become a bigger and more important part of your life. I will have more control over you each and every day, which is what makes you more humiliated, aroused, and hard. Ultimately your life will become one of complete fear and humiliation, which turns you on more than anything. I will require you to do more and more humiliating and dangerous tasks in order to avoid blackmail, which will only give me more information to blackmail you with!

Includes: femdom hypnosis, mind control, brainwashing, blackmail, humiliation, enslaved to me, completely controlled by me. 30:47 mins. for $29.99

Listen to sample HERE.

Purchase through:


"Worker Bee Hypno" MP3

Worker Bee Hypno

This is an Femdom erotic hypnosis and mind control session that makes you addicted to and aroused by doing work for me. I do not need to give you anything in return, you will just become obsessed with doing jobs that benefit my luxuries and my lifestyle. Whatever your talents are, they will be put to use. If you have no useful talents, you will promote me in other ways. You will become deeply and irrevocably brainwashed into being my horny working slave, who is aroused ONLY when you are being of service to me. And when you are being of service to me, you will be sexually aroused beyond belief the entire time.

Includes: erotic hypnosis, femdom hypnosis, mind control , brainwashing, working slave, task slave, chore fetish, orgasm control, cock control, male submission, enslavement to me, me as your muse, creative inspiration. 26:47 mins. for $24.99

Listen to sample HERE.

Purchase through: